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Unlocking the Door to Autism

Meet Paul

Paul Louden is a noted public speaker, radio show host, and autism advocate. As an adult on the autism spectrum, Paul is able to provide a unique perspective into the autistic mind. Paul truly believes that as a society we need to go beyond awareness to understanding, which will then lead to integration and ultimately acceptance.


Paul understands that when people don’t have autism, it puts both the autistic and the person they are interacting with at a disadvantage, similar to a person meeting someone from a different culture who does not speak the same language. By explaining what is going on in the mind of an autistic, Paul has been able to help people better understand those on the spectrum and bridge the gap between awareness and understanding.


Paul knows that he has been fortunate that he’s had remarkable life experiences that have given him the opportunity to talk about what autism can look like and how those on the spectrum, and those of you who aren’t on the spectrum, can work together.


Paul’s mission is to help people understand autism. He wants everyone; those on the spectrum and the people around them, to learn to accept each other. Paul strives to help by sharing experiences and life lessons learned by living a purposeful and rich life as an autistic.

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Paul educates businesses about Autism

Paul recently spoke to business leaders from across the nation at the 19th Annual National Conference & Biz2Biz Expo entitled, “Disability Inclusion: The Future Redefined.” The USBLN is the only business-to-business national membership organization, with local affiliates, that focuses on sharing and developing proven strategies for including people with disabilities in the workplace, supply chain and marketplace. This premier event provided the best and brightest in disability inclusion with cutting-edge educational sessions, enhanced networking, exciting interactive programming plus high-profile speakers, including Paul.

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Why am I dedicated to helping others understand Autism?

For the past couple of decades, Autism awareness has been a huge goal. It’s been fantastically successful in getting the message out there that Autism exists, and that it’s something that we need help with. We need donations, foundations, and medical research. With 1 in 50 young men, and 1 in 90 children in general, being diagnosed with it in the youngest generation, it’s a problem that’s far bigger than we expect it to be with just an awareness campaign.


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