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To many people, the very word autism strikes fear in them, and they have serious questions and some understandable fears of the unknown. Questions like: How do I act with when I meet a person with autism? Will they be violent? Should I speak slowly to them? Are they crazy?


Paul is an educator at heart. And he lives to help people learn about autism for the benefit of everyone. But each individual has had different experiences in interacting with a person with autism and Paul knows this firsthand. Whether it may be questions about how to interact with a colleague with autism, or interacting with a classmate with autism, or maybe hiring a new employee with autism, Paul knows thousands of questions exist in the world we live in today. So if you have a question, just ask! Paul will work to answer as many questions as he receives. Some answers might come in video form, others in blog posts and some maybe in a short post on one of his social media channels. So go for it, ask Paul. Please note that your questions and name will always remain anonymous; however, I may cite your question in blog posts to share with other interested readers.