Is Autism Advice Misleading?

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Often I’m asked if I think that my advice on autism is misleading to some people, since not every person is the same and everyone has different experiences that make them who they are. And my answer is simple: Yes. To many on the spectrum, my advice will not be helpful. But to a lot of others, it may be very helpful.


My greatest fear is the day someone else on the spectrum approaches me and says, “This isn’t my experience at all! You’re misleading and confusing people, and making it harder for me to get the help I need!”


Unfortunately, I know this will happen eventually, because people with autism are exactly that: people. Every life is a unique experience, and what I’m trying to share with you is mine.


The diagnosis for autism is much more limited than the external symptoms you see. Autism creates many different symptoms that are coping mechanisms and can vary a great deal from person to person.


Working to understand some of the common challenges and experiences faced by most people with autism can make all the difference in your ability to understand them, and afford them the opportunity to function better in the world at large. And that is the primary goal of my life.


I truly hope that everyone takes my advice with a grain of salt and that they do some of their own digging for what advice is helpful, and what advice is not. I want to share my experiences and help whoever I can. But I know, for a fact, that everyone is different, because we are living our own lives.


Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog posts!

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  • Michele

    My son is 10 and is on the spectrum. High functioning. Your blogs are very informative. Indeed, when one meets someone with autism they meet only one person with autism…. each person is unique but share common characteristics. Through knowledge, I have a better understanding and am a very strong advocate for my son to ensure he has every opportunity to succeed and achieve his full potential . However, facing a world where there is little understanding and a lot of judgement , it can become quite frustrating .
    I thank you for your blogs . You are an inspiration. The model for “Different but not less” and Different is not a bad thing…. different =Unique…..which is something that we all try to be!
    Thank you from my son. Thank you from me!

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