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Welcome to the Louden on Autism Q & A. This week, I’m back to answer a question submitted by a website visitors to shed light on some of the most important questions about autism. I receive questions every day, and I want to make sure that the answers to these important questions are being shared with all of you.


Please know that these are my opinions and my answers come from my research and my own personal experiences. Of course, each situation is different. All of us as people are different. And no two people with or without autism should be treated the same exact way.


This week, I received a question about autism and speech therapy. Here it is…




I have two sons, ages 11 and 9, who have autism. We are doing ABA and speech therapy. How did you come out of it? Any recommendations going forward?




I haven’t done ABA therapy. I’ve worked with someone who was a BCBA but when we worked together she was practicing a different therapy.


As always there are many approaches to autism, and each one tackles different aspects of it. ABA can be good for developing specific behaviors, but make sure you’re working with someone who recognizes that autism isn’t just behaviors and that sometimes behavioral change can lead to more stress, anxiety, and potential depression.


A good practitioner will keep you in the loop, and adjust things based on the current state of wellbeing of your children. Beyond that, remember to give them lots of opportunities to be themselves. Intense therapies can often wear away at your ability to feel confident in your own decision making, as many of your decision-making tools have now come from “outside” and replaced the ones you’d come up with yourself.


So, giving them chances to take the lead, and live life their way can help them maintain the confidence necessary to take skills and make them their own, rather than just repeating someone else’s teachings.


Thanks for reading. Check back soon for another Q&A.

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