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The Jenny McCarthy Show

My Thoughts on the Jenny McCarthy Show

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Last week was an important week for me. As you may have heard, I made my first appearance on the Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM radio. To start, I believe it went well, and I enjoyed the conversation with Jenny about autism and my new book.


But I will say, when I received the invitation to be on the show, I definitely had to think twice about what it would mean to accept the invitation and to speak with Jenny about autism and her controversial opinions.




My instincts told me to avoid the show, and to tell the producers that I would not accept the invitation. But that seemed like the easy way out. I understood that a large portion of her audience would benefit from hearing about my experiences and my perspective on life in general.


I felt like it was important to go on the show, but to also make it very clear that Jenny and I have differing opinions on many issues within the autism community.


In case you’re wondering why this is so important — Jenny’s son, as she has openly talked about, is on the autism spectrum. She has been very vocal on the topic, and it’s safe to say that over the years I have disagreed with a few of her points with regard to vaccinations.


That said, whether you’re a fan of hers or not, Jenny has given a voice to the autism community. She is a celebrity and world-famous, so if she’s talking about autism — people are likely going to listen. Although this isn’t always 100% positive, in my opinion, she truly does care about the happiness of people with autism.




So, after speaking with her, it’s clear that her main point is that if parents have children on the spectrum who are in immense pain because of their autism, then she would love to find a cure for that pain — not for the autism. This was a key takeaway from the show.


Overall, one thing that is always important to me is the idea that we need to remember that even when we strongly disagree with someone, we need to see life from their perspective before jumping to any conclusions. Most of the time, they’re just doing what they think is best for the people they care about.




I took the risk. I went on the show. And I knew that if did not go well, then it would be pretty damaging to my reputation in the autism and disability community. But I felt that sharing my message with her audience was worth the risk.


I hope you agree.


I’ve posted the 25-minute clip on my YouTube channel, so feel free to check it out by clicking here.


We also talked a lot about my new book: AUTISM – Behind The Locked Door: Understanding my Life as an Autistic. You can always learn more about the book at the link below.


Behind The Locked Door on Amazon.



— Paul